As a project progresses from the feasibility phase towards the project execution phase, more detailed project engineering, including process engineering, front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailed engineering is normally required in order to support the potential development of a proposed project.



As part of our project engineering services, we provide a broad range of process and project engineering services, including project development services, specifically focused on efficient water treatment. To find out more about how our range of specialised project engineering services could help you with your project, read on or get in touch with us.


At Parkway, we are able to provide clients with engineering support from the early process engineering phase, through to more advanced stages, including brownfield projects where the opportunity being evaluated may be less novel and represent more of a process improvement.

Process & Project Engineering

  • Process Engineering
  • Project Engineering including Balance of Plant (BOP)
  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Engineering, once a final investment decision (FID) has been made.

Project Development

  • Greenfield Projects
  • Brownfield Projects

At Parkway, our team of engineers is able to lead the development of key project engineering related activities, including the typical deliverables outlined below.

Process Engineering & FEED

Process design package comprising of process flow diagrams (PFD), mass and energy balance (M&EB), piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), equipment datasheets/specifications, instrument datasheets, control philosophy, plot plans and layouts, hazardous area classification, hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP) and layer of protection analysis (LOPA).

Detailed Engineering

Mechanical datasheets, engineering fabrication drawings, instrument specifications, programmable logic controller (PLC) / distributed control system (DCS), electrical specifications, piping isometrics, material take offs (MTO), civil and structural drawings, vendor engagement, enquiries, proposal evaluations as well as procurement related engagement.


The project development phase involves detailed planning through the development of a project execution plan (PEP) outlining how the proposed project is likely to proceed, upon a final investment decision (FID) being made. The specific tasks are outlined in a work breakdown structure (WBS), which is presented in a hierarchical structure, enabling the project to be managed in the methodical manner.

Parkway also provides a range of Engineering Design services through our integrated project delivery division, Tankweld Group.

Greenfield Projects

For greenfield projects, the PEP is typically focused on outlining a plan for implementing a robust and cost-effective solution for the client. The scope may start as early as the process development phase all the way through to detailed engineering including the finer details of mechanical design and project management.

Brownfield Projects

Existing operations, particularly those that are several years old, often provide opportunities to re-evaluate a project in order to determine whether certain process enhancements, including the adoption of improved process equipment/technologies, may improve operational performance.


In order to learn more about how our Process & Project Engineering Services could assist in addressing existing water treatment challenges, or ensure successful outcomes for your next project, get in touch with our team of experienced water treatment professionals to explore the possibilities.