Supported by a team of experienced water treatment technicians, our PPS-Perth branch provides a range of water treatment related equipment supply and installation, operations and maintenance related services, across our significant client base. We provide our specialised services across a diverse range of municipal, government, university and medical clients, as well as clients operating in industrial sectors, including in the oil & gas and mining sectors.


PPS – Perth is a leading provider of innovative water treatment related solutions. We provide a range of conventional physical and chemical based water treatment solutions, including membrane-based solutions based on ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO). We are also able to assist in the development of more complex flowsheets to deal with wastewater clarification, neutralisation of acidic wastewaters associated with acid mine drainage (AMD), and a range of other treatment objectives.


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Heavy demands are placed on HVAC systems operating in commercial and industrial operations. These systems must reliably meet a facility’s specific heating, cooling and ventilation requirements throughout the year, without experiencing costly mechanical breakdowns. HVAC systems that utilize water must be operated and maintained appropriately, to ensure efficient performance as well as preventing corrosion, scale and microbiological growth.
At Parkway, we understand the importance of maintaining water in HVAC systems when it comes to preventing and/or minimising the occurrence of corrosion, scale build-up and biological growth. Our experience technical team provides high-quality water treatment services that extend the life and performance of a range of industrial HVAC related systems.
We provide an array of chemical treatment solutions that include highly effective corrosion and scale inhibitors for hard make-up water, as well as soft or low TDS make-up water.
Our PPS - Perth can devise a water treatment and service plan to maximise performance and protect your HVAC system, whilst reducing costs as well as environmental impacts.
At PPS – Perth, we supply a large range of HVAC related products, including integrated controllers, chemical drums & tanks, chemical dosing pumps, chemical dosing systems, as well as a wide range of water treatment chemicals, including our field proven Multi-Wet Range.

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As a member of the Parkway group, Mawpump has access to a large range of water handling related equipment from conventional filters, hoses and valves, through to much larger capacity mine-spec rubber hose assemblies, and more specialised solutions, such as pump pontoons and related water handling systems. Our workshop is also able to supply custom-made equipment, including stainless steel fittings, manifolds, pump mounts and flanges through to foot valves, and other specialised industrial-scale equipment.


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At PPS – Perth, we supply a wide range of industrial pumps particularly well suited to the mining industry, including but not limited to booster pumpschemical dosing pumpsdiaphragm pumpssubmersible pumpsas well diesel trash pumps and very high-capacity diesel-driven packages.


We represent many of the leading global pump brands in Western Australia, including:


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