Industrial process and wastewater streams, particularly the more complex wastewater streams generated from industrial processes such as refineries, present significant challenges for conventional wastewater technologies - as these technologies have been mostly developed for desalination-based applications. With increasing requirements to reduce wastewater generation and disposal, a new generation of technologies are required.



At Parkway, we own a portfolio of industrial process technologies specifically developed over many years, to process complex and concentrated process streams from industry. We work with our partners to tailor these technologies through our iWPaaS™ technology platform, in order to achieve improved outcomes for our clients.


Whilst most process experts agree that new or next-generation technologies present an enormous opportunity to improve process efficiencies and therefore economics, as well as improve safety and overall environmental sustainability, unfortunately, the journey of adopting new technologies presents significant challenges. 

In order to address many of these well documented commercialisation challenges, at Parkway, we have leveraged our many years of full-spectrum technology development and commercialisation experience, to develop an integrated technology platform. 

Our iWPaaS™ - innovative Water & Wastewater Processing as a Solution – technology platform, enables us to customise and optimise our portfolio of innovative technologies, to systematically develop, validate and deliver a proprietary process solution for a given project. In order develop and deliver these proprietary process solutions, we collaborate with our strategic partners, including Victoria University’s team of recognised researchers, as well as Worley, a leading global engineering company.



    At Parkway, we understand technology commercialisation and know what it takes to be able to adopt new technologies to solve complex challenges. Historically, the commercialisation of new technologies has been challenged by shortcomings of ordinary bilateral collaboration, most typically the vast gap between what a researcher may have observed, and what an engineer actually requires. 

    In order to address these challenges, our iWPaaS™ - innovative Water & Wastewater Processing as a Solution – technology platform, provides a completely integrated capability, from the R&D phase, through to an operational state-of-the-art process plant.

    The advantages of our iWPaaS™ approach include:

    • An established and integrated technology platform incorporating globally recognised partners
    • Coverage of full project lifecycle, from project evaluation, process development, through to project delivery
    • Access to process experts and a portfolio of patented proprietary technologies
    • Complete alignment with the client to develop and deliver an effective solution

    At Parkway, we are more than just another product or service supplier. We have a keen interest in understanding your complex water treatment related challenges, and a deep desire to be able to assist you get to where you need to get to, in terms of process improvements.

    Following an initial evaluation to determine whether we might be able to assist, through our iWPaaS™ technology platform, we partner with our clients to systematically evaluate a given project, develop a proprietary solution and advance the project through to the execution phase.

    Given the complex nature of projects we are involved with, our participation through our iWPaaS™ technology platform may extend beyond the initial project delivery phase. Similarly, given our portfolio of process technologies is the result of substantial investments over many years, in certain applications, our proposed project delivery model may involve certain technology licensing related fees, to enable us to capture a small share of the value created through our proprietary iWPaaS™ technology platform.


      For additional information, or to discuss how our iWPaaS™ technology platform might be able to assist you with a solution for your water treatment related challenges, we invite you to reach out and speak to a Parkway water treatment specialist, today. 


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