Effective project planning and implementation are important phases in realising a successful project. As water treatment processes and projects become increasingly complex in order to meet increasingly stringent performance specifications and design requirements, effective project planning and execution are critical.



As part of our installation & project management services, we provide a range of project management, site works, installation and commissioning services, specifically focused on efficient water treatment. To find out more about how our range of specialised project management services could help you with your project, read on or get in touch with us.


Successful delivery of a complex water treatment projects requires the logical and effective integration of a number of key components, including equipment, technologies, contractors and a range of other stakeholders.

Parkway is able to provide a range of project management related services, ranging from small scale support services, through to the establishment of a dedicated project team consisting of experienced process experts, engineers and technicians.


The commencement of siteworks, particularly for greenfield projects, represent an important milestone during the project execution phase. At Parkway, we are able to provide a range of onsite plant and equipment installation related services, as well as assist in the management of other third-party contractors involved in onsite installation activities.

Parkway also provides a range of Installation & Project Execution services through our integrated project delivery division, Tankweld Group.


The commissioning phase of a new project provides an opportunity to not only deal with site specific constraints as well as any debottlenecking tasks, but also the opportunity to implement improvements to ensure optimal operations. In order to ensure successful commissioning of your next project, Parkway is able to provide commissioning support, through a team of experienced process experts, engineers and technicians.


In order to learn more about how our Installation & Project Management Services could assist in addressing existing water treatment challenges, or ensure successful outcomes for your next project, get in touch with our team of experienced water treatment professionals to explore the possibilities.