Tankweld Group is a leading industrial engineering solutions provider with a rich heritage that dates back to the 1940’s. Tankweld operates through two key divisions, i) Tankweld Engineering, which provides workshop engineering and fabrication related services, and ii) Tankweld Installations, which provides a range of onsite services, including the installation of mechanical and process equipment. On the 13th of March 2024, Tankweld Group was acquired by Parkway Process Solutions, resulting in the expansion of Tankweld’s operations, to continue to support existing Tankweld clients as well as clients of the broader Parkway group. The acquisition of Tankweld has expanded our capabilities, and enables Parkway to provide larger and more complex state-of-the-art integrated water treatment solutions. Further details about the Tankweld entities within the Parkway Group, is outlined in the Parkway Corporate Limited – Group Structure.


In addition to the core Process Development Services of Parkway, including our Innovative Next-Generation Water Treatment Technologies, through our integrated project delivery division, Tankweld Group, we are able to provide a range of Engineering Design related services, as outlined below.

In-House Capabilities

  • Extensive in-house engineering design capabilities to support project development from concept through to final design.


  • Specific expertise in optimising designs and layout to improve constructability and ensure successful project execution.

Collaborative Team

  • Experienced in collaborating with clients and project partners on a range of engineering metrics throughout project lifecycle.

Successful Project Execution

  • Early involvement de-risks project budget and schedule.

To discuss your industrial Engineering Design related requirements, reach out to the Tankweld team on 03 9775 1376 or admin@tankweld.com.au.


Based on internal designs, as well as specific client requirements, Tankweld provides a wide range of industrial fabrication services including specialist aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel rolling, bending and fabrication services, as outlined below.

Fully Equipped Workshop

  • Established 3,000m2 fabrication workshop with substantial laydown areas supports production of industrial-scale plants.

Key Equipment

  • Heavy machinery including cranes with capacity up to 10 tonne, presses up to 110 tonne and specialised equipment inventory.
  • Large vehicle fleet includes trucks, crane truck, forklift & additional vehicles.


  • Experienced team of qualified tradespeople proficient in using MMAW, TIG, FCAW, SST, MIG welding & fabrication processes.
  • Fabrication with range of materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, specialty alloys and plastics, including UPVC.

To discuss your industrial Workshop Fabrication related requirements, reach out to the Tankweld team on 03 9775 1376 or admin@tankweld.com.au.


As key projects advance through the engineering and fabrication phases, Tankweld is able to lead onsite installation and project execution related activities, as part of a broader turnkey project delivery scope.

Experienced Teams
  • Experienced management team oversees project execution.
  • In-house installation teams cover a wide range of disciplines and skills from supervisors, boilermakers, welders, fitters, riggers and various trades to support offsite project delivery.
Turnkey Project Delivery
  • The in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities, support the project execution (installation) phase of projects at a diverse range of client sites.
  • Installation and project execution services provided by Tankweld are well regarded, as they consist predominantly of self-performed activities, where Tankweld has control over project execution, and therefore ensures adherence to the project scope, schedule and budget.
Successful Project Execution
  • Experience in successfully executing large and complex projects.
  • Established commercial relationships with key stakeholders.

To discuss your industrial Installation & Project Execution related requirements, reach out to the Tankweld team on 03 9775 1376 or admin@tankweld.com.au.