At Parkway, we are focused on high value applications, particularly concentrated and/or complex solutions, where we work collaboratively with our strategic partners, including leading OEMs, to develop an end-to-end process solution.
In May 2020, Parkway entered into a strategic partnership with Worley, a leading global engineering company, with primary operations in the energy, chemicals and resources sectors. Parkway and Worley have joined forces on several innovative projects, which enabled the parties to apply their respective strengths and achieve great overall outcomes.
Through the established global strategic partnership, Parkway and Worley, are able to provide the complete project scope required for successful project delivery, from early-stage process and project concept development, through to project execution, inclusive of:

  • Process plant (Parkway provides process technology package).
  • Balance of plant (BOP), inclusive of non-process infrastructure (NPI).
  • EPC Management (EPCM) related services, to support project execution.

Global Strategic Partnership


CASE STUDY: Queensland CSG Brine Industry

  • The globally significant coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Australia is underpinned by greater than $100 billion in investment, however generates large volumes (~5GL) of waste brine annually. Despite significant efforts by industry over many years, no viable long-term solution has been developed to manage this highly complex brine.
  • Following extensive process evaluations, Parkway has developed a proprietary brine processing solution for the concentrated CSG derived brines. The Parkway solution involves processing the concentrated waste brines, to reduce waste volumes by >98%, whilst producing a range of valuable chemical products for local industry.
  • The proprietary process technology package developed by Parkway, has recently underpinned a detailed feasibility study (incorporating extensive process piloting), with a major global energy company.
  • In June 2023, Parkway announced the industry-wide implications of the proprietary technology to address the entire CSG industry’s waste brine challenges in Queensland, through the release of Master Plan, an ambitious agenda to potentially create in excess of $10 billion of value for the industry.

Downstream Chemical Plant Design


Feasibility Study - Major Industry Client



Additional Information
Details of the Master Plan developed by Queensland Brine Solutions (QBS, a subsidiary of Parkway) are outlined below: