• At Parkway, we are experts in the field of aqueous chemistry, particularly in the context of processing highly concentrated (high TDS) and complex process streams, including hypersaline brines.
  • We develop and deliver more efficient and sustainable process solutions for industry, by incorporating our portfolio of proprietary next-generation technologies, with more established technologies, to achieve exceptional results.
  • We methodically utilise our (1) process expertise and apply our (2) core technologies, to develop the most efficient and sustainable (3) process solutions, for leading industrial companies.



Our experienced inhouse process engineering team utilise state-of-the-art process simulation modelling techniques, including our own proprietary process models, for the purposes of developing, optimising and validating the preferred process flowsheet for a given project. Our process modelling enables the performance of a proposed flowsheet for a given project, to be evaluated rapidly and cost-effectively, an important consideration, when evaluating new process technologies.


Our Process Expertise Implications
 Aqueous chemistry expertise - understanding properties of feed and key process streams
State-of-the-art simulation capabilities - determining how to best utilise feed and process streams
Process experimentation & testing - validating process performance through experimentation
Flowsheet development - converting core processes into functional flowsheet
Process piloting -optimising process performance to support scale-up
Process technology package - preparation of tech package suitable for project execution




  • Extensive inventory of pilot plants based on both conventional and proprietary process technologies.
  • Pilot plants available from bench through to larger scale, supporting systematic and rapid process scale-up.
  • Research laboratories with broad range of analytical equipment and instruments suited to process development, optimisation and validation. Analytical equipment available for a range of purposes, including sample characterisation include AAS, DSC, FTIR, GC, HPLC, IC, ICP-OES, LCMS, SEM, TGA, TOC-TN & UV-Vis amongst other specialised equipment and instruments, commonly utilised in water and wastewater treatment and laboratory settings. 



  • In order to consolidate and further expand various process technology related capabilities, Parkway is leading the establishment of the Parkway Centre for Brine Technologies (PCBT) in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The PCBT is supported by Victoria University (VU), a recognised leader in industrial water treatment related technologies. Parkway and VU have been collaborating since 2015 and have collectively achieved several significant technology breakthroughs that underpin various innovative (core) process technologies.
  • The collaborative R&D related activities performed by Parkway and VU are supported by prestigious research grants awarded from the Australian Research Council (ARC), including through various industrial research hubs.