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The pharmaceutical industry and food & beverage industry have precise process water requirements to ensure reliable operations and high product quality standards.

Similarly, these industries produce a range of wastewaters which often require treatment in order to ensure regulatory compliance in relation to discharge requirements.


Large and complex manufacturing plants operating in both the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, often require a combination of process water treatment to provide process water requirements, as well industrial wastewater treatment, in order to manage discharge requirements.


Process Water Treatment

A range of water treatment approaches including water softening, ion exchange, demineralisation, media filtration and ultrafiltration amongst others, are commonly used to produce high purity water, for a specific onsite process. Similar approaches, involving the use of additional technologies including desalination technologies such as reverse osmosis and sterilisation technologies such as UV disinfection, are able to assist in onsite potable water production, in order to meet both process and drinking water requirements.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Often, the best strategy for reducing process and wastewater treatment volumes, is the adoption of effective recycling and reuse options, which reduce the overall water consumption profile of a given plant. Common recycling and reuse options include relatively simple installations such as filtration plants for rain and storm water harvesting, through to more complex treatment plants incorporating dissolved air flotation (DAF), screening, filtration and clarification. In applications where recycling or reuse of a given wastewater stream might not be feasible, a range of similar treatment options, including DAF and membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants, as well as clarification, filtration and pH adjustment may be required, in order to comply with regulated discharge requirements.


At Parkway, our team of water treatment technicians and engineers is able to assist in developing a reliable and effective solution, to meet project specific requirements, including the toughest water treatment related challenges.


Our pharma, food & beverage related water treatment PRODUCTS include

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Pump Range
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Pipe, Hose & Fittings
  • Valves & Solenoids
  • Filters & Membranes
  • Tank Range
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Disinfection
  • Other pharma, food & beverage related products


Our pharma, food & beverage related water treatment SERVICES include

  • Analytical Testing Services
  • Project Evaluation Services
  • Process Development Services
  • Project Engineering Services
  • Installation & Project Management Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Services


Our pharma, food & beverage related water treatment SOLUTIONS include

  • Integrated Solutions
    • By leveraging our range of pharma, food & beverage related water treatment products and services, our team of water treatment specialists is able to supply a standard integrated system, in order to minimise costs and maintain short delivery timeframes.
    • For larger projects, or applications where a more specialised requirement may exist, we are able to design packaged systems, to provide a reliable and effective solution to meet project specific requirements.
    • Packaged solutions provide the advantages of a custom engineered system, incorporating a range of pre-treatment, instrumentation, controls and other process integrations, whilst minimising the requirement for onsite installation, resulting in improving onsite safety and reduced installation costs.

Additional information regarding our range of Pharma, Food & Beverage related water treatment solutions, is outlined in the Parkway Pharma, Food & Beverage brochure.


For additional information, or to discuss how we can provide you with the most suitable solution to address your pharma, food & beverage related water treatment challenges, we invite you to reach out and speak to a Parkway water treatment specialist, today.


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