At Parkway, our team of water treatment technicians and engineers is able to assist in developing a reliable and effective disinfection solution, to meet project specific requirements, including the toughest disinfection challenges.


Our disinfection related PRODUCTS include

  • Chemical Disinfection Products
    • Chlorine Dosing Equipment
    • Enviro Fluid Range, including AquaSmart
    • Multi-Wet Range
  • UV Disinfection Products
    • <Insert AquaCorp brand> UV Disinfection Systems
    • Microlene Steriflo – High Flow UV Water Treatment Systems
    • Control systems, ballasts and a range of accessories and parts
  • Other Disinfection Products
    • A range of other disinfection options including ozone-based systems.


Our disinfection related SERVICES include

  • Analytical Testing Services
    • We are able to determine the presence of biologicals including water borne pathogens.
  • Project Evaluation Services
    • We are able to perform a feedstock characterisation study to determine potential disinfection options.
  • Process Development Services
    • We able to model, evaluate, optimise and validate various process treatment including disinfection options, to ensure key project requirements are satisfied.
  • Project Engineering Services
    • We are able to provide engineering support from the early process engineering phase, all the way through to more advanced stages of designing an appropriate disinfection system
  • Installation & Project Management Services
    • We are able to perform all site related works, including the installation and commissioning of disinfection related treatment systems.
  • Operations & Maintenance Services
    • We are able to assist with operations and maintenance of disinfection related treatment systems, to ensure the installed system continues to operate in line with design specifications.


Our disinfection related SOLUTIONS include

  • Integrated Disinfection Solutions
    • By leveraging our industry leading range of disinfection related products and services, our team of water treatment specialists is able to supply a standard integrated system, in order to minimise costs and maintain short delivery timeframes.
    • For larger projects, or applications where a more specialised requirement may exist, we are able to design packaged systems, to provide a reliable and effective disinfection solution to meet project specific requirements.
    • Packaged solutions provide the advantages of a custom engineered system, incorporating a range of pre-treatment, instrumentation, controls and other process integrations, whilst minimising the requirement for onsite installation, resulting in improving onsite safety and reduced installation costs.