Many industrial processes including water and wastewater treatment, require chemical dosing systems to ensure key process parameters are achieved and process equipment is protected.

A well-designed chemical dosing system will ensure you maintain the optimal performance of your operations and avoid downtime, due to deterioration of plant and equipment


Chemical dosing is an integral component of many industrial processes as the appropriate dosing of chemicals can modify process conditions including the pH, conductivity, turbidity, and many more specific process parameters. For chemical dosing to be effective and improve process performance, an installed chemical dosing system needs to be able to provide accurate measurement of process conditions, determine appropriate chemical dosing requirements and then efficiently dose the process stream, as required. Modern chemical dosing systems provide the opportunity to automate the chemical dosing process, through the design and installation of integrated chemical dosing systems.


At Parkway we supply standard modular chemical dosing systems, as well as highly customised solutions, depending on client requirements. Our chemical dosing system design experience ensures precise control and accuracy in chemical dosing and reliability in demanding applications. Our chemical dosing systems are designed to ensure the utmost safety of people and plant, as well as achieve high levels of chemical dosing efficiency, to deliver cost effective utilisation of chemical reagents. Our integrated chemical dosing systems span the full chemical delivery ecosystem including self-bunded tanks and dosing cabinets and related specialised equipment and can be integrated with remote smart monitoring to enable the control of process parameters to ensure optimal process performance, without requiring site visits.


Our Approach

At Parkway, our experienced team of water treatment technicians and engineers can assist in developing a reliable and effective chemical dosing solution, to meet project specific requirements, including the toughest chemical dosing challenges. 

We work with several leading global chemical dosing equipment suppliers including, Grundfos, Iwaki and Prominent, as well as leading Australian specialty tank supplier Polymaster, which also provides innovative chemical dosing related equipment, through Parkway. 

At Parkway, we have developed a 3-step process, to deliver intuitive, scalable and robust chemical dosing solutions that effectively address project requirements and exceed client expectations. 


1 – Project Evaluation

We take the time to understand the project specific challenges, to ensure any proposed solution is fit-for-purpose. Our project evaluation usually commences with a review of historical analytical data, and depending on the project, it may be appropriate to perform a site-visit and/or acquire further water or process stream samples, for evaluation.

 Additional details about these services can be found at, Analytical Testing Services and Project Evaluation Services


2 – Solution Development

Following a thorough evaluation of process parameters and project objectives, we collaborate closely with the client to develop intuitive, scalable and robust chemical dosing solutions. 

Additional details about these services can be found at, Process Development Services and Project Engineering Services


3 – Delivery of Solution

Once we finalise process design, engineering details and commercial terms with the client, we transition the project to the delivery phase. We leverage our inhouse engineering and project delivery capabilities, together with our various strategic partners (particularly for larger projects), to ensure we are able to deliver the desired solution in a safe and timely manner.  Given, we stock many common chemical dosing systems components including chemical storage tanks, chemical metering pumps, system componentry including control valves, switches, gauges and various types of instrumentation and controls, we are usually able to assist our clients achieve the best results in the shortest possible timeframe, as we understand delays can be costly.

Additional details about these services can be found at, Installation & Project Management and Operations & Maintenance Services.

Further details about our Chemical Dosing related products, services and solutions, is outlined in the Our Offering tab. 

In addition to our own chemical dosing capabilities and the solutions, we also partner with global leaders to provide state-of-the-art chemical dosing solutions. Our partnering strategy is client focused and always driven by objective of delivering the best outcome for the client. Additional details about some of our partner related offerings is outlined in the following brochures:



At Parkway, our team of water treatment technicians and engineers is able to assist in developing a reliable and effective chemical dosing solution, to meet project specific requirements, including the toughest chemical dosing challenges.


Our chemical dosing related PRODUCTS include

  • Analytical Instruments, to assess the presence of impurities
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Instrumentation & Controls
    • Integrated Control Systems
    • Process Instrumentation
  • Pipe, Hose & Fittings
    • Hoses & Tubing
    • Static Mixers
  • Valves & Solenoids
    • Foot Valves
    • Injection Valves
    • Solenoid Valves
  • Tank Range
    • Chemical Tanks
    • Self Bunded Tanks
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Envirofluid Range
    • Multi-Wet Range
  • Other Disinfection Products


Our chemical dosing related SERVICES include

  • Analytical Testing Services
    • We are able to provide a full spectrum of analytical testing services to determine appropriate chemical dosing requirements.
  • Project Evaluation Services
    • We are able to perform a feedstock characterisation study to determine potential chemical dosing options.
  • Process Development Services
    • We able to model, evaluate, optimise and validate various process treatment including chemical dosing options, to ensure key project requirements are satisfied.
  • Project Engineering Services
    • We are able to provide engineering support from the early process engineering phase, all the way through to more advanced stages of designing an appropriate chemical dosing systems.
  • Installation & Project Management Services
    • We are able to perform all site related works, including the installation and commissioning of chemical dosing related treatment systems.
  • Operations & Maintenance Services
    • We are able to assist with operations and maintenance of chemical dosing related treatment systems, to ensure an installed system continues to operate in line with design specifications.


Our disinfection related SOLUTIONS include

  • Integrated Disinfection Solutions
    • By leveraging our industry leading range of chemical dosing related products and services, our team of water treatment specialists is able to supply a standard integrated chemical dosing system, in order to minimise costs and maintain short delivery timeframes.
    • For larger projects, or applications where a more specialised requirement may exist, we are able to design packaged systems, to provide a reliable and effective chemical dosing solution to meet project specific requirements.
    • Packaged solutions provide the advantages of a custom engineered system, incorporating a range of pre-treatment, instrumentation, controls and other process integrations, whilst minimising the requirement for onsite installation, resulting in improving onsite safety and reduced installation costs.

Additional information regarding our range of Chemical Dosing Systems and related solutions, is outlined in the Parkway Chemical Dosing Systems brochure.


For additional information, or to discuss how we can assist you acquire the most suitable chemical dosing related solution to address your chemical dosing related challenges, we invite you to reach out and speak to a Parkway water treatment specialist, today.


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