Agriculture is responsible for the extraction, consumption and subsequent discharge of significant volumes of water and wastewater.

In order to ensure the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of agriculture, the adoption of water recycling and other water efficiency related technologies is essential.


From small-scale farming, through to large-scale intensive agriculture, the preservation of natural waterways and any broader hydrological impacts are of increasing interest to a range of stakeholders impacted by agricultural activities. In recent years, the adoption of new water treatment technologies, has not only been good for the environment, but is ensuring agricultural operations can operate profitably, as sustainability is good business.


At Parkway, our team of water treatment technicians and engineers is able to assist in developing a reliable and effective solution, to meet project specific requirements, including the toughest water treatment related challenges.


Our agriculture related water treatment PRODUCTS include

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Pump Range
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Pipe, Hose & Fittings
  • Valves & Solenoids
  • Filters & Membranes
  • Tank Range
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Disinfection
  • Other agriculture related products


Our agriculture related water treatment SERVICES include

  • Analytical Testing Services
  • Project Evaluation Services
  • Process Development Services
  • Project Engineering Services
  • Installation & Project Management Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Services


Our agriculture related water treatment SOLUTIONS include

  • Integrated Solutions
    • By leveraging our range of agriculture related water treatment products and services, our team of water treatment specialists is able to supply a standard integrated system, in order to minimise costs and maintain short delivery timeframes.
    • For larger projects, or applications where a more specialised requirement may exist, we are able to design packaged systems, to provide a reliable and effective solution to meet project specific requirements.
    • Packaged solutions provide the advantages of a custom engineered system, incorporating a range of pre-treatment, instrumentation, controls and other process integrations, whilst minimising the requirement for onsite installation, resulting in improving onsite safety and reduced installation costs.


Additional information regarding our range of Agriculture related water treatment solutions, is outlined in the Parkway Agriculture brochure. 


For additional information, or to discuss how we can provide you with the most suitable solution to address your agriculture related water treatment challenges, we invite you to reach out and speak to a Parkway water treatment specialist, today. 


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